Danny Ladd "Ride That Riff"
The Musicians
Jerry M. Manno
Dave Cifelli
Dave "Uncle Ho" Homan
Tom Tallitsch
Jerry M. MannoAnalog sound engineer/ Electric and Acoustic guitars  / Drums / percussion / Vocals

David Cifelli:
Drumming / percussion
Dave "Uncle Ho" Homan
Alto / Baritone / Tenor Sax / Flute  and assorted musical elements

Bob "Kapusta" Gardner
Bob "Kapusta" Gardner:
Piano / Hammond B3 organ

Tom Tallitsch: 
Alto / Tenor Sax
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 Track Credits

Robert A. Hornyak:                 Trumpet.
Ben Katzen:          Cello
 Nayle Shmerekova:              Cello / Violin
Audrey Betsy Welber
 Alto / Baritone / Tenor Sax
Danny Ladd: Bass guitar / Electric and Acoustic guitars /  Vibra-slap / clave and Tambourine percussion / Vocals 

John Bottone:      Drumming / percussion
C Gypsy Rose:
Lead / Rhythm guitars
Chuck Dingerdissen        Herb Doughty
               Marching field snare drumming
Stefanie Pfoutz:
Frank Dill:  Rhythm and Lead guitars / Drumming / Vibra-slap percussion / Keyboards/   
      Jerry Mokar:
            Tenor Sax
ClicMatt Graffk here to add text.
                    Matt Graff:  
           Drumming / percussion
              Gary Oleyar: