Bass guitarist, composer, and the innovator of "Laddistic Rogue", Danny Ladd brings to the table a new music genre that consists of a blend of musical styles originally, yet non-traditionally, arranged.  Danny has been both a live performer and a studio musician for over 35 years.  He has proven to be a dedicated musician/composer, with the ability to keep his session musicians in good spirits and motivated to do their best.  Danny ensures that every player has his or her own techniques, talent and personalities shine through on every tune.

This recent brainchild of Danny Ladd's was piloted by Mr. Jerry M. Manno his long time engineer, who takes the wheel as the producer of this musical endeavor.  The many hats worn by Mr. Manno add vital elements to this dynamic and diverse project. "Ride That Riff" is a multi-volume CD project that features a host of accomplished musicians who lend a wide variety of musical tastes and feelings, which sets the mood for an unconventional journey for the ears, and opens the mind to a new genre that is truly original.

So drop your inhibitions, sit back, strap yourself in and... "RIDE THAT RIFF!! 

Volumes 1 thru 3 and the soon to be released volume 4 of Danny Ladd's "Ride That Riff" have been receiving a very positive response and gaining a great number of supporters lending their respect and admiration. Danny has not only received praise by fans and fellow musicians alike, his work has also been applauded by some of the music worlds' most influential musicians. 
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C"As a young girl growing up in Romania, my dreams of winning the Olympic gold were quickly shattered when I realized that I was just another white guy living in central New Jersey."
                                -Danny Ladd